A Life of Adventure

Brian Milton pilots the Global Flyer microlight in which he circumnavigated the world.

Brian Milton is an award-winning adventurer, journalist and aviation historian. He holds the Guinness World Record for the first circumnavigation of the globe in a microlight aircraft, achieved in 1998. The flight earned him the Britannia Trophy, one of the world’s greatest aviation awards. This achievement was even more remarkable given the fact that Brian survived a 250-ft. fall while testing a prototype powered hang glider in 1978, which gave him a fear of flying. Hear Brian interviewed about his exploits on Radio CJ with CJ Grace.

Global Flyer is Brian’s account of his incredible flight around the world in a flimsy open-cockpit ultralight, and of the setbacks and dangers he had to overcome. These ranged from engine failures and atrocious weather to being harassed by a Syrian MiG-21 fighter, as well as dealing with numerous bureaucratic obstacles.
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 Dalgety Flyer is the story of Brian’s daring microlight journey from London to Sydney in 1987-8, flying through some of the world’s most inhospitable skies. Brian faced all kinds of obstacles, including plummeting into the Persian Gulf, being wrecked by crosswinds on a Greek island and suffering several engine failures caused by bad fuel.
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Alexa: Life And Death of a 1937 Austin 7 in Africa was compiled from diaries written more than half a century ago as Brian drove his 1937 Austin 7, called Alexa, from London across Africa, aiming to present the car to his wife-to-be in Johannesburg in South Africa. Along the way, Brian encountered colourful characters and experienced madcap adventures, often risking life and limb until Alexa gave up the ghost in the Congo. This book describes Africa in the late 1960s, when the European empires were ending and newly independent countries came into being. Raw, politically incorrect, and at times absurdly funny, Brian captures the values and spirit of that bygone era in this rollicking, page-turning story. It was his first major expedition.  Available in PAPERBACK
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Chasing GhostsThroughout his very eventful life, Brian has combined a career as a TV presenter, financial journalist and writer with a series of incredible adventures around the world. However one of his jaunts, an attempt to cross the Atlantic nonstop by microlight in 2001, was dramatic for all the wrong reasons and didn’t quite go as planned. Read all about it in Brian’s book Chasing Ghosts.