Hurricane - The Last WitnessesHurricane – The Last Witnesses
Written by Brian Milton, Hurricane – The Last Witnesses is one of the last chances to hear the stories of the few surviving former Hurricane pilots who flew the aircraft during the Second World War.

Lancaster – The BiographyLancaster – The Biography
Written by Sqdn Ldr Tony Iveson DFC and Brian Milton, Lancaster – The Biography is a history of the greatest heavy bomber on any side in World War II. *Now available in paperback.

ALEXA – The Life and Death of an Austin 7 RubyAlexa– The Life and Death of an Austin 7 Ruby
In 1968 Brian Milton fell in love with a girl called Fiona Campbell, who lived in South Africa. She agreed to marry him and he resolved to drive a 1937 Austin 7 Ruby called Alexa across Europe, the Sahara Desert and the tropical Congo to claim his bride. You can order this book online.
Global FlyerGlobal Flyer
Undoubtedly one of the greatest flying adventures ever. The story of Brian’s successful around the world microlight flight. You can order this book online. Click the link above for details.
Chasing GhostsChasing Ghosts
Brian’s account of his 2001 attempt to make the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic by microlight. You can order this book online.
The gripping account of Brian’s 1987 microlight flight from London to Sydney.